Vendor Performance Alert Message and Report

Agency users send vendor pacing reports to the vendors. An agency contact with Analytics Reporting permissions sends the performance reports directly to the vendors. Campaigns with under or over pacing display an alert with a description. The pacing performance issues appear in red. The vendor receives an email notification along with a message in Centro Platform. The agency and vendor users receive a notification and alert in the activity feed.

Agency users view pacing alerts from the Dashboard or campaign Analytics mode. The fields applicable to the alert are in red text. The Dashboard alerts display the campaign has a performance issue. The line item alert displays the performance details. (E.g. Over pacing)

The campaign Analytics mode displays performance alerts by line item. Agency contacts with Analytics Reporting permissions views the Performance Alert icon. Clicking on the alert launches a message page with a copy of the attached Performance Report (Net) for that vendor. The vendor and subject line are auto-populated along with the line item. The subject line includes the campaign name and ID as a performance alert. The agency contact selects vendor and account team contacts, enters a message, and attaches applicable files. The agency contact clicks the Performance Alert icon and send the message and a copy of the attached report when a pacing does not have an issue.

Note: The performance report cannot be removed from the vendor performance alert message.

The vendor and account team members receive the email notification. The email notification also provides a link to the message in Centro Platform. The performance alert message includes the campaign name and ID, the line item issue, and the performance report. Additional files from the agency may also appear in the message. The fields applicable to the performance alert are in red. The under or over pacing appears on the line item under the Alert icon.

Vendor Performance Alert

Vendor Performance Alert Message and Report

Performance Report Example

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