Campaign Summary

A campaign captures the budget, duration, and objectives for the execution of a media plan. The media plan includes a collection of line items in reaching the goals for a marketing objective. Centro Platform tracks the line item delivery and performance. This data assists with meeting the objectives of the campaign.

Campaign Index

Buyers (agency contacts) and vendors communicate via the Centro Platform system through RFPs, messages, proposals, and IOs to meet the campaign objectives and goals. The RFP launches the negotiation process. A campaign allows multiple plans with various options. (E.g. differing budgets)

Centro Platform integrates with ad servers providing trafficking data and reports. 

The reports include performance metrics along with net and gross plan downloads. The continuous monitoring ensures the awareness of the brand’s objectives and goals throughout the campaign.

The campaign name is the header title. When budget and dates are specified in the proposal, they are described as target. When the media plan IO is accepted, the budget and dates are described as contracted. (When a proposal does not specify the budget or dates, the fields are blank.) The header displays the earliest start and latest end dates of the line items.

Media Plan Campaign Header

  • Client
  • Brand
  • Duration
  • Insertion Order ID (IO Accepted)

Dashboard Campaign Header

The Details tab on the campaign overview launches the campaign specifics. A campaign includes the following framework along with the Account Team members:

Campaign Details




Type of objective for this campaign

KPI Type of KPI per the objective
Goal Campaign goal based on objective and KPI
Account Team Member names associated to the campaign
Notes (optional) Enter or edit comments to account team members

approved - Agreed budget

proj. balance - Projected balance based on the approved budget

Campaign Details

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