Actions: Manage Approvals

The buyer (agency contact) sends a proposal to the vendor for approval. During planning, status and updates are on the media plan page. Under the Actions button, a buyer views the status under Manage: Approvals. The Approvals side panel appears.

Actions – Manage: Approvals Examples

The Approvals side panel lists the Client Approval and Vendor IOs status. When multiple versions occur, you view the most recent IO appears at the top of the list. The status includes the following:

Approvals Side Panel - Client Approval

  • {#} property cannot be approved | Show Errors
  • Approve plan
  • Version
  • Approved
  • Not Valid
  • View all button

Clicking on the property and the tooltip displays the name.

Client Approval – Unapproved and Show Errors Examples

Clicking on the Show Errors launches the media plan. The errors appear with the alert icon in the field.

Client Approval - Show Errors Examples

Proposed media plans are available under Client Approval. Clicking on the Approve plan link launches the Approve Plan page.

Client Approval – Approving Media Plan Example

The Approve Plan page provides the following tabs:

  • Assign Client & Brand
  • Assign Campaign ID
  • Attach Contract

The assigned client, brand, and campaign ID along with the attached contract are required for approval.

Client Approval - Approve Plan Page Tab

When the campaign has the entered client, brand, and campaign ID, you only attach the contract and approve the plan. The assigning of the client, brand, and campaign ID is auto-populated. Clicking on the Attach contract... link launches the directory file to upload the contract. Click the Approve button completes the client approval process.

The Client Approval section displays version and status of the plan. Clicking on the contract or IO displays the summary details. Clicking on Send vendor IOs launches the IO Summary for preview and submittal to the vendor.

Client Approval – Viewing Contract and IO/Sending to a Vendor   

The View All button displays an Approval History with a version index.

Client Approval – View All and History Examples      

The Vendor IOs section includes the following status:

Approvals Side Panel - Vendor IOs Status

  • Waiting for client approval
  • No vendors added yet
  • Send Vendor IOs
  • IO

    • Needs
    • Pending
    • Accepted
    • Rejected
    • Withdrawn
    • Needs Revised 

Client Approval – Vendor IOs Status Examples


Approve a Plan




1 Click the Actions button.

The drop menu appears.

2 Select Approvals under Manage. The Approvals side panel appears listing the plans under Client Approval.
3 Click the Approve plan link. The Approve Plan page appears.
4 Click the Attach contract link. The file directory appears.
5 Select the attached contract from the directory. The file name appears.
6 Attach the file. The file name appears on the page.
7 Select Approve. A confirmation message appears.

Note: The Campaign ID is a requirement. Enter a Campaign ID before attaching a contract for plan approval.

The Client Approval listing displays an Approved label of the media plan. Centro Platform automatically creates a new version (Ver. #) of the approved plan.

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