Main Menu

The Main Menu is constantly available in Centro Platform. The Main Menu icon provides quick access to the high-level options displaying a drop menu with the Dashboard and Settings. Clicking on the Dashboard and Centro logo launches your Dashboard home page. The Settings provides direct access to User and Agency details for review and modification.  Clicking the Centro logo returns you to your Dashboard page. The Insights provides direct access to reporting building.

Main Menu


Main Menu Links and Settings



Dashboard Launches the Dashboard page
Insights Launches the report Layout page

User Settings




Launches User Settings

  • Profile tab (Default view)
  • Ad Server Accounts tab
  • Third Party Accounts

Agency Settings



Displays index of Users

  • Users (Default view)
  • Clients/Brands

The User Settings displays your Profile information. You modify your name and phone number information, if applicable. The associated ad server and third party information is also available. You also add or remove profiles in the Ad Server and Third Party Accounts tabs.

Note: As an agency contact, you are unable to modify your unique email address.

The Agency Settings provides an index of the Users and Clients/Brands. The index refers to the users, clients and brands within your agency organization. You also search by a team member by name along with status. The Users index of the available team members including email, role, and status. The Clients/Brands provides an index by name and vertical.

An agency contact has access to additional Permission under the User Settings. Centro Platform allows the agency contact with User Management access creates and modifies the permissions

The Centro Platform system admin has access to the Agencies and Global settings.

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