Vendor Overview

A vendor refers to the entity selling the ad placements. The vendor receives the RFP from the buyer (agency). The vendor and buyer agree on a contract based on the objectives, prices, and payment for the sale of the online ad. The Centro Platform directory stores the vendor by name, Centro Provided status, Details, Properties,Contacts , Terms & Conditions, and Payment information.

Directory - Vendor Index

The vendor information is available in the Directory index. You access the information under the Vendor search page or under the details of a Property under the Sold By section.

Restrictions occur when updating a vendor. Only Directory Curators create or update a vendor to Centro Provided status. Centro Platform restricts specific fields to Directory Curator with full permissions. 

Vendor Management restrictions occur when updating a Vendor Details, Property, and Contacts tabs. Agency contacts with permissions create and edit vendors and properties for their organization. Clicking on the Edit details button in the Vendor or Property page displays the directory fields. Clicking on the Hide fields I cannot edit link displays the fields you can modify.


The Vendor Details provide the basic information, type, URL, and reference notes for the agency team members.

  • Seller Type
  • Network
  • Parent Company
  • Rep Firm
  • Site-direct
  • Corporate URL
  • Phone
  • Address

Vendor Page - Details Tab Examples (Agency Contact)

Vendor Page - Details Tab Examples


A property has available ad inventory for sale by a vendor. The Properties tab displays a search field along with an index list of properties by name, Centro Provided status, markets, and verticals. Clicking on the property displays the detailed information. The associated vendors are listed under the Sold By section.

Vendor Page - Properties Tab


The Contacts tab stores and displays a list of associated members. The Contact displays a search field along with the name, Centro Provided status, role, title, region, and associated properties. When the associated property is listed as Corporate, the contact member has the ability to sell all properties under the vendor. Clicking on the contact displays the detailed information. The associated properties are listed under the Contact For section. You also have the ability to add a new Contact. Those contacts are not Centro Provided.

Vendor Page - Contacts Tab

Terms & Conditions

The available Terms & Conditions are standard Centro Provided or custom for the organization. The Terms & Conditions tab displays a listing. The Terms & Conditions appear from new to old. The Terms & Conditions tab includes the following information:

  • Contract Name
  • Effective Date (Date of the contract is the default.)
  • Payment Terms type
  • Out clause
  • Details (Addenda link)
  • Actions (Download link - E.g. PDF file format is available for download.)

Only agency contacts with Terms & Conditions permissions create or edit the contract.

Vendor Page - Terms & Conditions Tab


The Payment tab displays the name and address. You also can send a direct email. The invoice, payment, and recipient use the same information.  Only agency contacts with Vendor Management permissions create, edit, or removed vendor payment information.

Vendor Page - Payment Tab


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