Adding Inventory without Cost (Make Goods)

The "make goods" feature supports adding inventory without charging the client. This feature allows you to continue paying the vendor without charging your client. You create a line item with a "make good" description. The new line item allows negotiations with the vendor with no impact to the client charges.

The requirements in creating a "make good" line item of a campaign includes the following:

  • Add a line item
  • Enter "make good" in the line item instruction
  • Enter a $0.00 gross rate
  • Maintain a positive net value
  • Maintain a positive ad serving value

Centro Platform has the ability to calculate the margin based on the entered fields under rates and costs. You also view the gain (or loss) of the line item. This feature also avoids passing the ad serving costs to the client. The ad serving cost is excluded in the gross cost calculation.

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