Terms & Conditions (Ts&Cs)

The Terms & Conditions is a legal agreement and relationship between the buyer and the vendor. It includes the acceptance of the payment and accompanies an approved IO.

The available Terms & Conditions are standard Centro Provided or custom for the organization. The Terms & Conditions tab displays a listing. The Terms & Conditions appear from new to old. The Terms & Conditions tab includes the following information:

  • Contract Name
  • Effective Date (Date of the contract is the default.)
  • Payment Terms type
  • Out clause
  • Details (Addenda link)
  • Actions (Download link - E.g. PDF file format is available for download.)

As an agency contact with Terms & Conditions Management permissions enables the Active status. The terms & conditions index is under the Terms & Conditions tab under Agency Settings. Enabling the contract configures the Terms & Conditions as the active and default for that agency.

Agency Settings - Terms & Conditions Index

Centro Platform sends the vendors with the active contracts when a change occurs at the next IO. When you change the active status to a new Terms & Conditions, the vendor receives an update of the change and the contract is used for future IOs.

Note: An active Terms & Conditions are required for an IO. An agency contact selects or creates Terms & Conditions.

Create new Terms & Conditions allows defining the custom agreement. Custom Terms & Conditions under the Agency Settings includes a new contract for your agency. Creating new Terms & Conditions under the Vendor page includes a new contract for a specific vendor.

Create New Terms & Conditions Page




Title of the contract


File name and format

Attach a file...

Link to add a file

Make Active (checkbox)

Active and default contract file format including payment, out clause, and addenda selections

Active and default contract file format including payment, out clause, and addenda selections

Payment terms (Select...) Type of due timing
Out clause (Select...) Standard or custom type
Addenda (Free form entry) Additional information

Create Terms & Conditions

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