Accounts Payable Delivery Report Table

Delivery Heading

Header Name Description Example
Report Date

Title of the .csv file with the vendor name

Specified date the report was created and made available in Centro Platform

Report name with date: purchase-orders-2015-07-31.csv master-delivery-2016-01-31.csv morris-com-2015-07-31.csv

Report date: 7/31/2015

Payee Name

Title (identical to the vendor’s Payment Name) of the .csv file with the report date

Entity selling and offering products, content, and services for payment including properties of websites along with ad server

Morris Visitor Publications


Accounts Payable Delivery Report Fields

Header Name Description Example

Campaign ID

Unique identification number for an organization using letters and/or numbers for a campaign (collection of line items)



Entity or organization owner of goods, services, or range of products that represents the company

Academy Sports Club


Generic term for inventory (advertising space)

Alaska Journal

Period Ending

Final date the report contains data for that billing period


Start Date

First day of the flight

Note: Start Date may fall before the billing period.


End Date

Last day of the flight

Note: End Date may fall after the billing period.



Line Item summary

Homepage Banner, A25-55: Geo-Targeted to Chicago & NW Indiana

Ad Sizes

Dimensions of ad placement (pixel) including a package

Width X Height (WxH)




Cost Type

Value or price category




Net amount charged the campaign based on the insertion order


Units Ordered

Number of online ad space type (clicks, impressions, views, or actions)


Amount Ordered

Net cost charged


Units Delivered

Number of units delivered


Amount Delivered

Total charged for the number of units delivered


Publisher Invoice Number

Internal vendor identification number

[default blank]

Sales Rep Name of the commissioned team member Leo Smith
Region Areas assigned to the commissioedn team member Midwest
Location Place (locale) assigned to the commissioned team member East: Team 1
Division Branch (division) assigned to the commissioned team member Centro Platform
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