Campaign Media Plan Page - Analytics

The campaign overview page provides media plan summaries. Selecting the Analytics mode launches the campaign performance.The performance and metrics are available by line item. The analytics mode displays the gross and net view by line item under Performance, Delivery, Actual effective rate, and Billing spend. Subtotals are available by property and totals for the campaign.

Focus On/Off concentrates on specific metrics under Details, Dates, Contract, Delivery, Performance, Actual, and Billing. Additional performance metrics for line item are available under More metrics button. More metrics are available including Conversions, Interactions, Spend, Video, and Viewability.

The line item displays performance alerts. Clicking the Alert icon describes the issue. While tracking the campaign, a buyer (agency contact) tracks the variables assuring the proper performance, pacing, and goals. A buyer initiates a revision based on the tracking results to optimize the campaign.

An agency contact with Analytics Reporting permissions downloads delivery and performance reports. The agency contact also sends vendor performance alerts including the report to the vendor.

Analytics Mode Page Example

Focus On/Off Metrics

More Metrics Example

Delivery and Performance Download Reports

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