Insertion Order (IO) - Acceptance Revisions

An accepted revised IO optimizes a campaign. The buyer (agency contact) creates the revised IO and submits it to the vendor for acceptance. The existing IO continues until acceptance. After the vendor accepts the revised IO, Centro Platform updates the status, initiates the revised changes, archives the past IOs. When delivery data is affected, the line item requires re-trafficking.

The Manage: Approvals launches the Approvals side panel displaying the IO status. The View all button displays the Approval History for the Client Approval and Vendor IOs.

Manage Approvals – Revised IO Status Example


The campaign overview shows the versions.  Enabling the versions and Hide Archived Plans displays a history.

Media Plan Versions Example

Trafficking with the existing media plan details continue until the revised IO is accepted. With the new versioned IO, Centro Platform prompts the buyer to export the changes to the ad server. The applicable changes to the delivery data after the IO acceptance. The analytics mode in the media plan page displays the delivery data with the new changes.

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