Insertion Order (IO) - Sending Revisions for Acceptance

When the IO requires changes to new vendors or properties and line item information, you send an updated IO. Centro Platform creates a new copy of the optimized IO by revision number, e.g. Rev.X.X.

The following changes to the planning line item fields require an IO revision: 

  • Format
  • Platform
  • Size
  • Start/End date
  • Units
  • Net rate
  • Net cost

A new vendor, property, or line item also requires a revised IO. You send the revised IO to the applicable vendors for acceptance. The existing IO cannot have other pending contracts.

Note: YWhen a vendor does not respond to a revised IO, you have the ability to send a new IO. The outstanding revised IO is automatically withdrawn.

Revised IO Draft and Accepted Example

Withdraw (and Revise) a Pending or Accepted IO

To make changes to a pending IO, Post a message to the vendor. An example of the message is informing of a change and disregards the pending IO.




1 Click the Revise media plan button on the campaign overview page.

The a new plan with version number appears under Revisions.

2 Click the Edit icon. The Edit Media Plan page appears.
4 Add note, if applicable. The Plan Name and Budget are read-only.
5 Select Save. The Media Plan description is saved.
6 Click on the revised media plan. The media plan page appears.
7 Select the Edit mode. The Edit By: Cost, Units or Rates options appear.
8 Edit the plan. Refer to Cost, Units, or Rates available fields.
9 Select Save. The changes are saved.
10 Select View mode. The mode view appears.
11 Click the Actions button. The drop menu appears.
12 Click Approvals under Manage. The Approvals side panel appears.
13 Click the Approve plan link. The Approve Plan page appears.
14 Click the Attach contract... link to the plan. The file appears on the page.
15 Click the Approve button. A new version is created.

The pending IO is withdrawn and listed under the Approval History.

The vendor also sees the pending IO changes to a withdrawn status.

The new version of the media plan requires a revised IO acceptance. Send the Revised IO with the new version to the vendor for acceptance. The vendor receives the pending IO for acceptance or rejection.

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