Flights are ads scheduled to run during a campaign. The start and end dates are during a period of time. Flights allow running ad variations automatically at specific times. The next flight start date is after the previous end date.

In planning, you add flights to a line item. The Flight icon copies (except the Dates) the line item and displays the quantity. You enter the new flight dates and modify the available fields, if applicable. Clicking the Delete icon removes the flight.

With ad serving, a single tag is applied to the line item. The same tag copies to the next flights. The Ad Serving link displays under the last flight of the line item. You export the tag to the ad server. The ad server follows the flight dates of the placement.

Create a Flight

Create a Flight




1 Click Edit Mode

The line item options appear.

2 Select the Flight icon. The existing line item information duplicates and appears along with the number of flights.
3 Enter the starts date. The date format is mm/dd/yyyy.
4 Enter the ends date. The date format is mm/dd/yyyy.
6 Continue selecting the Flight icon and entering the start and end dates. The line items continue to appear as needed.
7 Modify the line item fields, if applicable. Centro Platform updates the changes.
8 Select Save. Centro Platform stores the changes.

Creating Flights

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