Common Actions and Icons

Centro Platform provides common icons, links, and actions. The user interface provides familiarity with Centro Platform as you create, plan, and monitor the campaigns. The same icons and links are available throughout the different pages of Centro Platform.



Browser Actions

Arrow keys Shift between fields in the campaign media planning and analytics


Web browser back button return to the previous page.

Mouse button

Mouse-click away from the field to stop or close multi-select.

Right mouse button

Right-click on a campaign opens a new tab or window allowing managing of multiple campaigns.



Tab key positions to the next field.

Shift-Tab keys shifts to the previous field.



Icons and Links Actions

Asterisk (*)

Field name with an asterisk is a mandatory.

Underline text Click the underline text launches more information

Active item or setting

Activity Feed

Lists events

Add (property or vendor) to a plan

(Check mark changes from gray to green.)

Alert and informational messages


Click alert provides information, i.e. over pacing, RFP is past due.


Icon “i” provides additional details.

Back arrow

Returns user to previous page in the hierarchy

Centro Logo

Launches to Dashboard

Centro Provided icon

Indicates the vendor, property, or contact is a Centro Provided item.

Change or new information (Triangle icon)

Also indicated as a Triangle icon with tooltip

Completed tasks on a workflow

Copy or Duplicate

Date selection



Collapse (Refer to Resize.)

Download media plan gross or net

Drop Menu

Displays list

Drop Menu with multi-select

Displays a list of selections

Edit/Enter text- Launches fields to modify or add text

Email prompt with receiver’s address

Expand or Collapse

Expands additional information and details.

Collapses information (shortens or hides) to a compact area


Adds a flight to a line item

Help (drop menu)

Launches links to Help documentation, Submit an Issue, and About


Indicates mapped delivery to the line item

Locked (Read-only or calculated value) indicator

Main Menu drop menu


Display communication thread


Launches event notification feed for your organization

Option button selection

Quantity indicator


Rearranges line items, properties, and vendors within a media plan

Resize (vertical lines ) and Collapse (X) message center


Search (keyword(s))

Directory Search - Launches field to search by property or vendor index

Status update of an item


Click to display additional information


Returns to previous settings

Vendor performance alert

Note: The color of the buttons and links are based on the primary use of the page:


  • Gold – primary
  • Gray – secondary
  • Grayed out - inactive

Live Text Links:

  • Gray
  • Blue
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