Ad Server Integration

Centro Platform supports the integration with Sizmek and DoubleClick Campaign Manager (DoubleClick) for delivery data. You apply ad serving to a line item. After media plan approval, you export the line items to a single or multiple ad servers. The line item information exported to the ad server displays the number of placements you are creating or updating.

Note: To traffic without additional cost, enter zero (0) in the CPM and apply the ad server to the traffic.

Centro Platform provides the ad server status of the line items on the media plan. The status labels of the line items also provide ad server guidance:

  • Needs Ad Server Export - Line item requires exporting to the ad server(s).
  • Sizmek - Line Item exported to Sizmek.
  • DoubleClick - Line Item exported to DoubleClick.

Ad Server Export Labels

When the campaign is live, Centro Platform retrieves daily delivery data. The analytics mode displays the delivery by the thru data date. The line item displays the oldest date of the delivery sources. Alerts also appear when a line item has performance issues. (E.g. Delivery, pacing, etc.)

You view the number of placements based on the line item in a campaign assigned to a property. As the campaign continues, you collect the data for performance and billing purposes.

Centro Platform stores your ad server credentials for the export of the campaign details to the ad server. The ad server accounts are stored in the User Settings in the Main Menu in Centro Platform. By user, the Ad Server Accounts tab allows the storage, removal, and connection of the account information.

When multiple ad servers are on a single campaign, you export them separately. For Sizmek, you choose the available account. You contact Sizmek if an account is unavailable. For DoubleClick, you choose the available account. When the account is unavailable, log in to DoubleClick and create the new account.

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