Ad Serving Overview

Ad Serving is a feature functionality available to a line item. Ad servers allow the tracking and monitoring of the line items that maintains the goals and objectives of the media plan. When an ad server is applied through the Actions: Ad Serving drop menu, Centro Platform supports managing the tag types and export of the line items. The delivery received from the ad server is visible in the analytics mode.

After client approval, the buyer (agency contact) exports the line item to the selected ad server and tag type in creating placements. The single tag type attaches to the ad server by line item. Centro Platform integrates with Google’s DoubleClick Campaign Manager and Sizmek. This integration provides the performance and reporting of the campaign.

Ad servers for campaigns have additional fees. The buyer enters the additional fees under the ad serving (add-on) rate. The fees include charges based on the CPM for ad serving. The ad server fees vary by ad format, tags, and creative types. The costs are transferred to the client. 

The ad serving rates and costs are visible in the media plan page. The ad serving increases the calculated total costs. Centro Platform views the ad server delivery throughout the campaign allows you to modify the media plan to meet the needs. The data is available in the analytics mode when the campaign is live. The billing reports are also available. Reports provide the sources for the current and future media planning.

Note: An approved media plan does not allow the modification and removal of Ad Serving.

Manage Ad Serving



Ad serving selection (drop menu)

  • None (default)
  • DoubleClick
  • Sizmek
Tag Type selection
  • Ad Tag (default)
    • Name/description of pixel by ad tag
  • Tracking Pixel
    • Name/description of pixel by ad size
  • VAST Ad Tag (Video Ad Serving Template)
    • Name/description of the ad tag
  • VAST Tracking(Sizmek only)
    • Name/description of pixel

Apply to line item(button)

Implemented ad server on the line item

Apply to all


Implemented ad server on all line items of the media plan

Note: A VAST ad tag does not have an ad size. A video with a tracking pixel has a 1x1 size.

Actions: Ad Serving and Side Panel Examples

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