Deactivating Vendors and Properties

As an agency contact with permissions Centro Platform supports the deactivation and removal of your organization's properties and vendors. You manage your agency's vendor and property association. Centro Platform notifies the deactivation or removal of the vendor or property under Notifications, Activity feed, and Alert messages. The vendor or property is inactive at deactivation.

The Deactivate button is available under your vendor and property pages. For your vendor, click the Deactivate button. The associated properties are also deactivated. You enter the reason from the drop menu and add notes to the account team.

Agency Vendor Deactivate

For your agency's property, click the Deactivate button. The property is no longer associated to the vendors. You enter the reason and add notes to the account team.

Agency Property Deactivate

The Remove button is available under the property row on a Centro Provided or your agency's vendor. You remove your property from a Centro Provided vendor. Under the agency vendor page, select the Properties tab. Hover over the property name. The Remove button appears. Click Remove and enter the reason along with applicable notes to your account team. Centro Platform notifies contacts when vendors and buyers are inactive. The property is unavailable under the vendor page.

Agency Records - Remove a Property from a Vendor Page


Note: Only a Directory Curator creates or updates to Centro Provided status. Centro Platform restricts specific fields for system admins with full permissions. 

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