Vendor and Property Creation

An agency contact with Vendor Management permissions creates new vendors and properties.

  • Vendor
  • Properties

The agency contacts create Vendors and Properties for their own organization by entering the fields.   Creating a new Vendor includes tabs for Properties, Contacts, and Payment. Click the Create new vendor button from the directory page.

Create New Vendor Page

From the Properties tab on the Vendor page, click Add properties. Search or select the properties from the drop menu.

Vendor Page - Add Properties

From the Property Directory page, click Create a new property. Enter and select the fields in the Create New Property page.

Create New Property Page

Under the Contacts tab from the Vendor page, you search or Add a new contact. Select an existing contact under Add New Contact page or enter a full email address and click Create new. Enter the applicable fields to create the new contact.

Add New Contact

An agency contact with permissions clicks the Add new payment account information under the Payment tab.

Add New Payment

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