The Sort button allows you to re-organize the hierarchy of vendors, properties, and flights. By default your line items are ordered by position. The multiple line items appear based on the media plan position. You view the re-organized order and manage the Actions button. You cannot edit line items or send proposal updates when Sort is on. The sort by field and drop menu offers the following organization including dates and number values:


  • starts
  • ends


  • contracted units
  • available
  • total
  • SOV


  • net
  • ad serving
  • margin
  • gross


  • net
  • ad serving
  • gain/loss
  • gross

Media Plan - Sort Button

Media Plan - Sort Page

Media Plan - Sort Totals - Descending Order

As the sorting occurs, the browser page URL updates. You send the URL link to another team member. The team member clicks on the link and views the new organization. Clicking the Sort button or navigating away from the media plan clears and reverts to the original order.

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