Campaign Media Planning Features

Centro Platform provides a planning tool in creating the line items and proposals for your campaign. The media plan is labeled by the title name. The media plan page provides research, negotiation, and proposals between the buyer (agency contact) and the vendor. After a buyer initiates an RFP to a vendor, the vendor responses create and modify line items for the campaign. The campaign page continues modifications throughout the negotiation process until the buyer and vendor agree on the line items. Centro Platform stores and creates versions of the modified media plans. The live campaign provides the accepted goals along with the monitoring of performance, delivery, efficiency, and budget.

After creating a campaign, the campaign overview page launches.

Campaign Overview

The planning tool displays the available campaign details and launches the proposed media plan page.

Media Plan Page

The campaign name is the header title. When budget and dates are specified in the proposal, they are described as target. When the media plan IO is accepted, the budget and dates are described as contracted. (When a proposal does not specify the budget or dates, the fields are blank.) The header displays the earliest start and latest end dates of the line items.

Media Plan Campaign Header

The media plan provides a tool for the creation and modification of the following sections:

  • Add properties
  • Focus on/off
  • Send

  • Mode
    • View
    • Edit
    • Proposals

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