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Centro Platform provides support through the system. Our Customer Support provides assistance with account management, system issues, general support, and settings. The Help icon at the top of Centro Platform provides a direct communication. 

As a user in Centro Platform, you click on the Help icon and select Submit an Issue. A message page appears. You enter the question or explanation and the option to attach files. The message is sent directly to Centro Platform Customer Support for review and response. The response from Customer Support appears in your private email in your account profile.




1 Click the Help icon from the top menu.

The drop menu appears.

2 Select Submit an Issue. A message page appears.
3 Enter the fields: Subject*, Campaign Name or ID, description of the issue. N/A
4 Click Attach files... link, if applicable. N/A
5 Click Submit. The comment is sent to customer support.
Click Cancel. The page closes without saving the information.

A message appears confirming the issue was sent.

Help and Submit and Issue Example

For supporting attachments, Centro Platform allows various file types including, text, Microsoft Office, Adobe, and graphics extensions. The maximum file size is 20MB. The maximum number of attachments is 20 files. When you attempt to attach an unsupported file type, an error message appears. Centro Platform recommends creating a .zip or .pdf file when your attachment is an unsupported format type. When you attempt to attach a single file above 20MB, an error appears. Centro Platform recommends creating a .zip file to compress the size. The maximum size for all files is 400MB.

Note: The number of characters in a message is unlimited.

Supported File Formats:


File Format


  • Text=.txt
  • Comma-Separated (or Character) Value=. csv
  • Compressed (zipped)
  • TrueType Font=.ttf
  • Moving Pictures Expert Group (MPEG)=.mp3 (audio) or .mp4 (video)

Microsoft Office and Multimedia

  • Word=.doc and .docx
  • Excel=.xls and .xlsx
  • PowerPoint=.ppt and .pptx
  • Outlook Email Message = .eml and .msg
  • Audio Visual Interleave=.avi


  • Portable Document Format =.pdf
  • Small Web Format=.swf
  • Flash Application=.fla
  • Adobe
  • Photoshop=.psd
  • Flash Video=.flv


  • Joint Photographic Experts Group=.jpg and .jpeg
  • Portable Network Graphics=.png
  • Graphics Interchange Format =.gif
  • Encapsulated PostScript=.eps
  • Bitmap=.bmp
Apple, Inc Multimedia
  • QuickTime File Format
  • Video Container Format=.m4v

Software Languages

  • HyperText Markup Language=.htm and .html
  • JavaScript=.js
  • Cascade Style Sheets=.css
  • Encapsulated PostScript=.eps
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