Insertion Order (IO) Revisions - Overview

During a live campaign, you monitor the performance of the line items and properties. To optimize the goals and budget of the campaign, you create a revised IO from an accepted IO. Those changes influence the rest of the campaign or terms and conditions.  Centro Platform captures the changes of the revision and provides communication between the buyer and vendor.

The buyer (agency contact) clicks the revise media plan button on the campaign overview.  Centro Platform automatically generates the revised media plan (Rev #. #). The buyer modifies the applicable line item information. The buyer adds or modifies the line item(s).

Note: When you cannot edit the fields of a revised media plan, create a new line item with a new end date.

Revision IO Examples

The revised IO between the buyer and vendor goes through negotiations similar to the media plan proposal process. The revised media plan gains approval and the revised IO is sent for acceptance. After acceptance, the revised IO replaces the previous IO. The new IO has an updated version number.

The campaign overview lists the versions (Ver.#) and revisions. The last approved media plan indicates an Approved status. Past plans are read-only and indicate an Approved status. The plan information is read-only. The account team members enable the Show Archived Plans displaying the unapproved revised plans.

Archived Plans Example

Contracted IOs indicate a green IO Accepted label on the campaign and on the Approval side panel.  The Approval History also lists an archive by status.

Approvals and History Examples


Archived IOs Example

The name of the campaign does not change. The campaign collaborators view and edit Notes on the Dashboard.

Note:The line item may require re-trafficking based on the revised IO.

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