Client Approval and Insertion Order (IO) Acceptance

After the buyer (agency contact) and vendor agree on a proposal, the media plan is approved and an IO is created. The buyer approves the media plan and sends out the Insertion Order (IO) contract to you for acceptance.

The final IO is the formal contract agreement accepting the media plan including ad serving and creatives along with payment information. The IO also includes the terms and conditions between all parties along with the billing information.

Centro Platform allows the storage and version control of the IOs along with the proposals and media plans between the buyer and vendor. A summary of the instructions, campaign details, billing and payment information, line items, and terms and conditions are available in the media plan page. The approved media plan and accepted IO are available for viewing and printing.

During the live campaign, you monitor and track the performance. To optimize a campaign, you revise the existing IO. The IO follows the same proposal negotiation process using revised media plans. The existing IO version continues until the revision is accepted. After acceptance, Centro Platform automatically withdraws the original IO and replaces it with the accepted revised IO.

Approved Media Plan

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