Create a New Client

Agency Settings - Clients/Brands Page




1 Click the Main Menu icon.

The drop menu appears.

2 Select Agency Settings The Agency Settings page appears.
3 Select the Clients/Brands tab. The listing of Client and Brand appears.
4 Click the New Client button.  The Create a Client page appears.

Enter the Client Name*.


Enter the Billing Address:

a) Name/Attention

b) Address*

c) Address (line 2)

d) Country* (drop menu)

e) City

f) State/Province/Region (Required State* selection for United States of America)

g) Zip/Postal Code* (Required Zip* for United States of America)

h) Notes



Enter the Billing Contact:

a) First Name*

b) Last Name*

c) Email

d) Phone/Extension

8 Select the Manage Brands. The drop menu appears.
9 Search for the brand. N/A
Click Create a new brand...
9a Enter the Brand Name. N/A
Note: The special characters <, >, and " are unavailable as part of the brand name.
10 Click the Vertical drop menu. The Verticals appear.
11 Enable the selected Verticals. N/A
Hover over the selected Vertical.  The item highlights and the Expand link appears. The item highlights and the Expand link appears.
11a Click Expand.  A drop menu of categories appear.
11b Enable the selected categories.  The items appear.
12 Remove Verticals, if applicable.  The verticals appear as a list along with total quantity.
13 Select Save. The client is stored in the Platform.
14 Select users for campaign access. Enabled users are selected.
15 Select Create. Confirmation message appears.

You click Cancel aborts the creation of the new Brand. You disable the User Access next to the names to remove them from a campaign.

Agency Settings - Create a Client

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