Copy All and Paste of a Line Item

The Copy all and Paste links are available in the Edit mode of the planning page. The Copy all allows you to duplicate the line items under a property. You copy and paste the line items under other campaigns, vendors, properties, or media plans.

Copy All and Paste of the Line Item

Copied Confirmation

When you click the Copy all, the Copy icon(s) highlights under all line items of a property. You have the option of selecting/deselecting specific line items by clicking the Copy icon. A message appears the duplicate is on the clipboard and the quantity of the line items. When you copy another line item, it replaces the existing information on the clipboard. To duplicate a single line item, select the Copy icon. You select the Paste in the new line item. The identical line item information and a copy of the description appears.

As you paste the line items, tooltips and messages guide you with the quantity of the copied information. The Copy icon remains highlighted on your clipboard. The successful, copied line items appear at the bottom of the plan. After saving, the line items appear by start date.

Paste of the Line Item - Tooltip

Paste of a Line Item under the same Property

Paste of a Line Item under a Different Property

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