Add a Property

The media plan page displays the details of the line item. Your initial selection in building a media plans is selecting properties. Click the Add properties button and the Centro directory appears. The directory displays the search field and property listing.

Media Plan - Add Properties

You select your properties in building your media plan and line items. The directory index allows you to sort alphabetically by the field name. You also have a search option by property name. After you enter the keyword, the results appear. Clicking the Add icon next to the name changes to a check mark indicating the property is added to the media plan. A confirmation message appears. Click close to return to the previous page.

Directory Search- Add Properties

When you require more information about the property, click on the property name for details. The details and contact information appear.

Throughout the campaign planning, you review the line item information.

Media Plan - Line Item Information

Remove a Property of Vendor from a Line Item in Planning




1 Click Editt from the Mode menu.

The line item options appear.

2 Click the Delete icon (X) in the property or vendor row. A confirmation page appears.
3 Select the Remove property and discard line items button. A confirmation message appears.

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