Line Item Overview

A line item captures the details of the media purchased for the vendor and property. The line item also includes the purchase method and guides the execution of meeting the campaign goals. With an approved IO, the line item is live and tracks the performance from start to end of the campaign. A campaign allows multiple line items including creating copies and flights.

The account team member creates a line item around the brand’s start and end date, objective and KPI, along with the budget. You enter the line item description. It provides a summary of targeting options including location, demographics, audience, device, and keywords.

The line item details are part of the RFP and proposal updates during the agency buyer and vendor negotiations. The line items relate to the vendor and property. The planning phase of a line item proposes Details, Dates, Units, and Rates. The proposals allow flights and multiple line items. They create a package with multiple ad placements with different sizes. The final line item includes the Details, Dates, Units, and Rates. An approved line item includes these required fields for the media plan and line items:

Initiative Information

  • Client
  • Brand
  • Campaign Name
  • ID
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Budget
  • Vertical
  • Objective/KPI/Goal

Campaign Details

Line Items Required Information

  • Vendor/Property
    • Contact
  • Details
    • format
    • platform
    • sizes
  • Dates
    • starts
    • ends
  • Units
    • rate type
    • impressions
    • available
    • total
    • SOV
  • Rates
    • net
    • ad serving
    • margin
    • gross
  • Costs
    • net
    • ad serving
    • gross
    • gain/loss

Note: Centro Platform allows up to eight (8) decimal points for calculations. You enter the decimal values for calculations. For display purposes, the full decimals may not be visible.

Media Plan Page Sections

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