Request for Proposal (RFP) Submittal Requirement

Agency Setup Requirements in Centro Platform

  • Contact User (with Planning permissions) on an account team
  • Initiative
  • Campaign → Media Plan
  • Property → Vendor contact (Collaborator recipient)

Agency Contact Requirements to Submit an RFP

  • Vendor (enable)
  • Contact (drop menu)
  • Plans (drop menu)
  • RFP Overview section
  • Campaign Name (read-only)
  • Campaign ID (read-only)
  • Start/End Date (auto-populated)

Centro Platform supports sending an RFP without line item details. You select None from the Plans drop menu.

Note: A property may be sold under multiple vendors. Centro Platform restricts you from adding the property multiple times. You only add the property to the plan under a single vendor.

Initial Email (via Centro Platform) from the Agency Contact to the Vendor

Vendor Requirements to Respond to a Proposal

Proposal Response Requirements

  • Proposal (drop menu)
  • Recipient (drop menu)

Note: The vendor recipient is established with the property. They are requirements previously configured in Centro Platform.

The vendor responds to an RFP in Centro Platform.  The vendor submits a proposal to the agency contact with the line item suggestions.  When the vendor sends a proposal, the message page appears.    The requirement is selecting a Proposal from the drop menu. 

Centro Platform Email Message from the Agency Contact to the Vendor

Centro Platform Message from the Agency Contact to the Vendor

Proposal Response Optional Fields

  • Message Body
  • Attach file
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