Negotiations RFP and Proposals to Client Approval

The negotiations process is the buyer (agency contact) and vendor creating the optimal media plan. The process includes the initial response from an RFP to the vendor until client approval.

The buyer creates and submits the RFP that initiates the negotiation process with vendors. As the buyer, you select the Vendor along with the Contacts recipients, enter the applicable information in the Message Body, and submit the RFP Overview. You send the same or separate custom variation of the RFP to various vendors by Messages through Centro Platform.

The vendors receive the RFP and respond with an initial proposal along with a minimum of one property and a line item. A copy of the email is accessible on your Messages. The Dashboard also displays the RFP and proposal updates in the Notifications, Activity feed, and Messages along with your campaign status, activity feed, and messages. The vendor collaborators also view the updates.

Proposal and Message Examples

The vendor receives the email message from you. The initial RFP email includes a link launching the Centro Platform system. The vendor creates a proposal aligned with the campaign goals. The proposal includes adding properties and line item details. The vendor sends the proposal back to you. You compare and merge the proposal to an updated copy. Centro Platform allows you to negotiate with the vendor with the copies of the media plans.

Proposal and Differences Example

Throughout the negotiation process, Centro Platform tracks and stores copies of the proposals. You and the vendor share the proposals by copying, merging, editing, and submitting the proposals. The proposal updates include the variations of the vendor, properties, and line items. The negotiation continues with the proposals until you and the vendors approve the media plan.

While managing proposals, you select the Mode option.

Mode and Edit By Example

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