Campaign Media Planning and Monitoring

The media plan page serves as a tool for planning along with the live monitoring of the campaign. Throughout the campaign, you create the campaign, download the media plan, and create delivery reports. This page is a single source of information about your campaign.

The campaign information displays the planning, approved, live, completed, and archived stages. The title includes the campaign name with the agency, duration, objectives, and details. The campaign overview media plan displays the title of the media plan along with any versions and revisions. After the media plan is approved, the analytics mode appears based on the Net or Gross View.

The campaign starts with an RFP through negotiation to an IO contract. When the campaign starts, you continue to revise the media plan and adjust the delivery data. The billing reports are also available throughout the campaign.

Agency buyers (contacts) archive campaign in the planning stage, if necessary. Vendors also view archived campaigns when their proposals are not approved. An archived campaign is available for viewing only. The communications of the archived campaign is available in the messages center. The campaign status changes to archived. The buyers (account team members) and vendors also see the event in the Notifications and Activity feeds. You view archived campaigns on the Dashboard page by enabling the filter. The agency buyer also has the option to unarchive a campaign. The event information also appears in the Notifications and Activity of the account team members and vendor collaborators.

Campaign Page Fields Example


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