Users - Permissions

An agency contact without permissions has base access to Centro Platform. You view (read-only) the Agency and User Settings along with the communications, directory, initiative, campaign, and media plan information in Centro Platform. Additional actions such as sending messages, adding account team members, receiving private emails, and editing notes are also available.

An agency contact with permissions has access dependent on the type. The enabled type allows you access to specified actions and configurations for Centro Platform. At least one member of your agency has User Management. This team member enables and disables the permission types for your agency contacts. They are configured under the Users tab by name under Agency Settings. Your Permissions are also visible under the User Settings.


  • Ad Serving
  • Adjustments
  • Agency Billing
  • Agency Management
  • Analytics Reporting
  • Client Approvals & Vendor IOs
  • Delivery Source Management
  • Planning
  • User Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Vendor Payment Terms


User Permissions

The base access (disabled permissions) allows you the available campaign information and provides restrictions within the organization. A summary of information available to all agency contacts include the following:

Centro Platform

Base Agency Access

Insights View and create reports

Agency Setting (Main Menu icon)


Users View index (filter and search)
Clients/Brands View index (filter and search)

User Settings (Main Menu icon)



View and edit Contact Information

View Employee Details and assigned Permissions (read-only)

Directory Search - Vendor


Details View Vendor field information
Properties View (filter and search) properties and field information
Contact View (filter and search) contacts and field information
Terms & Conditions View field information and download full terms and conditions
Payment View payment information
Directory Search - Property View property fields
Help icon View Help, Submit an Issue, and About
Notifications icon Notifications page
Activity (agency) View activity events
Email Messages Receive private email messages from vendor collaborators an agency account team members
Dashboard (also Centro logo)

View (filter and find) campaign index and status

Edit Notes

Initiative tab (top nav bar) View Initiative page, details, and campaign index
Campaign tab (top nav bar) View Campaign Overview
Media Plan tab View media plan page with line items
Campaign Overview page

View initiative summary, campaign Details and Activity along with media plans (all)

Download media plan

View media plans and status (planning, approved, live, completed) along with revisions and previous approved

Edit (Add) Notes (Media Plan and campaign Details tab)

Add agency account team members (Details tab)

Change to Analytics mode


View vendor communication and collaborators

View agency communication and account team members

View RFP, Proposals, and IO Contracts links

Send/post messages and attachments to vendor recipients

Send/post messages to account team members and other agency contacts (agency only)

Add and remove vendor collaborators

Media Plan page - Overview mode

Enables Mode: View and Proposals

View media plan line items, RFPs, proposal updates, and IO

Enable Sort option

Enable Focus On/Off field

View Approvals panel

Create Download media plan reports

Campaign/Media Plan page - Analytics mode

View campaign and status (planning, approved, live, completed)

View Gross or Net mode

View and edit Date Range

Enable Sort option

Enable Focus On/Off

Enable More metrics options

Select line items and ad size details

Enable Edit icon to View History for adjustments

Download Terms & Conditions from IO summary

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