The Activity icon is available on the Dashboard. Clicking on the icon displays a feed for the organization or campaign events. The campaign overview page also displays the Activity information in the panel.

From the Dashboard page, the users click on the Activity icon. A listing appears displaying the agency events. You scroll through the activities and click on the underlined event. The click through re-directs you to the activity (I.e. IO)

Dashboard Activity Feed Example

From the campaign overview page, click the Activity tab. The activity feed appears. The feed displays the events for that campaign. Clicking on the event name or type such as RFP, IO, Proposal, and Campaign ID re-directs you to the details. Refer to the following examples.

Campaign Activity Feed Example

Clicking on the event (RFP, Proposal, IO, etc.) launches the summary.

Activity Feed:  Clicking the IO Launches Directly to the Summary Example

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