Dashboard Home Page and Campaign Index

The Dashboard is your home page displaying a campaign index. The Dashboard provides a summary of the status and your direct link to the campaign information. The Dashboard is a constant update of your campaigns including the status, performance, and open items. The campaigns are available by client/brand (alphabetically) then by initiative. Under the initiatives, campaigns are organized by most recent activity.

The Viewing drop menu allows you to see your campaigns. Clicking on the drop menu displays all of your agency’s campaigns. The Filter options display the campaigns by status. Enabling and disabling the checkboxes allows you to find the campaigns separately by status:



Planning (Qty)

Campaigns in development (Initial media plan, proposal updates, etc.)

Approved (Qty)

Campaigns with client approval

Live (Qty

Campaign status from the start and end dates

Completed (Qty) Campaigns finished through the end date (Disabled by default)
Archived (Qty) Campaigns suspended during planning or unapproved with a vendor

The initiative by campaign index includes a summary of the ID, start and end dates, status, budget, remaining events, and notes field. The Remaining column indicates the number of events you are waiting for a response from the vendor. (Revision, IO, or RFP) You also have the ability to make a note visible to others in your agency about the campaign

Alerts and performance issues are also displayed on the Dashboard. Alert icons appear next to the campaign name. Clicking on the Alert icon displays the reason. The alerts also provide reminders of response due dates to the team.Performance issues also appear in red. You also have the ability to make a note visible to others in your organization about the campaign.  The notes provide added reminders and shared communication with account users. 

Centro Platform Dashboard Page

Clicking on the initiative name displays a campaign listing page. The initiative appears with the title name along with the budget, durations, and details. An index of the campaigns appears with the budget, start and end dates along with the ID. Clicking the Initiative details is also available for reference. Clicking on the campaign name launches the media plan.

Dashboard - Initiative: Campaign Index Page

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