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The Dashboard is the home page providing an overview of the alerts, activities, and campaigns. After Sign in, Centro Platform launches the Dashboard with a campaign index under the Viewing drop menu.

When you are a member of an account team, the My Campaigns mode displays the campaigns assigned to you along with the associated Client/Brands and Initiatives. The All Campaigns mode displays the campaigns for your agency. Throughout the campaign, you view your Notifications, Activity feed, and status Filter.

The active campaigns are the default on the Dashboard. The index lists the campaigns in alphabetical order by Brand and Initiative name. You filter the campaigns by status. The options include the following Filters: 



Planning (Qty)

Campaigns in development (Initial media plan, proposal updates, etc.)

Approved (Qty)

Campaigns with client approval

Live (Qty

Campaign status from the start and end dates

Completed (Qty) Campaigns finished through the end date (Disabled by default)
Archived (Qty) Campaigns suspended during planning or unapproved with a vendor

Dashboard (Home) Page

Clicking on the name launches the campaign overview page. The Dashboard also displays the Alert icon next to the media plan name. When you click on the Alert, a description of the issue appears.

Dashboard (Home) Campaign Details

The Dashboard displays the following campaign details:

Dashboard Page - Campaign Index Fields





Name or title of the client and brand (if specified)

Campaigns appear by brand group header.


Name or title of the initiative

Click on the name launches an index of campaigns

Media Plan Name/description of the media plan

starts/ends - Dates display as mm/dd/yy.

The Dashboard displays the earliest start and latest end dates of the line items of the campaign.


Campaign status

Planning - In development

Live - Start date

Approved - Client approval

Completed - Finished through end date

Archived/Reason - Suspended during planning or unapproved with a vendor


approved - Agreed budget

proj. balance - Projected balance based on the approved budget after line item started


Quantity (media plans) waiting on vendor response

Clicking on the quantity displays the property name(s).

(Qty) revision - Total number of vendors received the unaccepted or rejected revised IOs.

(Qty) IO - Total number of vendors received the unaccepted or rejected IOs.

(Qty) RFP - Total number of vendors received an initial RFP without a response. (The quantity appears immediately after the first RFP is sent.)

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